Advantages of Egress Windows

Imagine transforming your dull, dimly lit basement into a vibrant living space. The possibilities are limitless:

  • A spacious family room
  • An extra bedroom for guests or children
  • A state-of-the-art home theatre
  • A quiet, sunny home office

With basement egress windows, you can increase your home’s living area without expanding the size of your home. This low-cost home improvement increases your home’s value immediately and saves you the time, expense and hassle of an addition.

  • Illuminate a dark, dank basement with warm natural light
  • Add living space – more room for the family!
  • Create an escape route in case of fire or emergency
  • Add value to your home for better resale

Not sure if egress windows are right for you? If you’re like many Central Ohio homeowners, your home was built without an egress window. No worries! We specialize in retrofitting existing homes. Egress Basement Window Systems is perfect for:

  • Cramped homes that can’t expand because of cost
  • Homes on lots that aren’t suited to home expansion
  • Growing families in need of additional space
  • Homeowners trying to sell in a tough housing market