Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an egress window installation typically cost?
On average, a 4’x4′ egress window with all materials and complete installation will cost approximately $4,000.

Why should I install an egress window?
Basement egress windows transform dark, dank basements into bright, inviting living spaces. A finished basement with egress windows provides new living areas and a level of comfort you can’t get from artificial light. Egress windows also create an emergency escape route, which means you can use your space as a bedroom.

Are all basement windows the same?
Not every basement window is an egress window. To meet code, an egress window must have an opening of a certain size. If you plan to create a bedroom in the basement, you must have egress windows that adhere to local codes. Only an egress window provides a means of exit from the basement.

Can’t I install basement windows myself?
Installing an egress window is a complex task. You’ll need to satisfy building codes and obtain a permit. You’ll need to contact the utility company, too. You’ll also need to rent or purchase the appropriate tools, which adds to your cost. We specialize in egress basement windows; we’ve installed them in homes throughout Central Ohio. We have the tools and expertise, we take care of code compliance and permits, and contact utility companies. Simplify your life – leave the windows to us!

How long will it take to install basement egress windows?
Most installations can be finished in just one day, depending on the complexity of your window design.

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